Bob Marley Tribute



“The thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”

– Bob Marley

I’m Gary “Sir Johan” Carlsen III, musician, lead guitarist for War Child Band, friend of music legend Bob Marley & The Wailers & of other well know musicians & people. I’m also founder of “Different Journeys, One Destination”. Influenced by the fascination of the music world and later owning Bob’s GUITAR, (claimed by New York & Hard Rock Cafe as one of the “World’s Most Expensive & Rarest Guitar” , led me to meet amazing influential and famous people in the world including David Foster, BB King, Led Zepplin, Eddie Van Halen, T-Rex, Be Bop Deluxe, Prince, Queen, Billy Joel, Randy Hansen, KISS, Keith Moon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Long John Baldry, Jeff Beck, Bryan Adams (a fellow high school chum) among many others. View my Flickr photos @

I am the only person in the public domain of the entire world to have been given a personal guitar personally from Bob aside from Bob’s family & band mates. In our personal conversation in November 21, 1979, Vancouver, BC, Canada, I never wanted his guitar because I already had enough guitars of my own. But Bob said to me, “Take it because you’ll understand later.” In the end, Bob gave me his personal custom Washburn guitar that he most likely picked up between 1978-1979 along with a handful of guitar picks witnessed by the eyes of Julian Marvin from Bob Marley & The Wailers among others. My story and guitar from Bob is quite shocking and unbelievable to many among online social media outlets and all I can say is everything I’m sharing along with our organization is all true.

Since 1996 when I tried to find out the guitar’s value, I’ve been offered millions of dollars for it. I then decided to hold on to the guitar until a few years back. I had what you would say a calling  to do something great with Bob’s guitar for everyone in which I know I have Bob’s blessings for sure. Realizing that it was Bob’s way of saying goodbye and thanks to me for always helping him with his guitars; through patience, I also came to a revelation that I have been given a precious vehicle that will continue to spread Bob’s message of healing, faith, peace, & love. Now, the guitar is up as a charity prize among other rare prizes which will help raise monies for charities & organizations that are already part of DJOD & those who wish to be involved with DJOD in our FUTURE LAUNCH for GREAT CAUSES. The charities are on our main page with banners mixed with other organizations & more to come. Meet the DJOD Team.

We see this as a true win-win situation where people are making a difference in the world & where those people get rare wonderful prizes in return. Help us by spreading the word. Click here to Contact Us.



“Bob, I miss ya & there’s only one way for me to thank you & that’s to keep you alive by spreading your history, music, & message to the rest of the world, my dear friend. You are going to live on forever without an end. Good times.” – Gary Guitar


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  1. way to go. theres no better example of bob’s message than by helping that charity. His legend lives on

    Comment by kyle S | December 22, 2008

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